Where is the boundary between experiment and theory?

On the possibility of losses due to negligent treatment

People carry out experiments constantly, each day and not only in the science, just curious to see what would happen if … And later, when there is time, they attempt to explain to themselves and others why it happened precisely so, thereby building theory. In physics, experiments with radioactive substances have gone particularly far — the bomb came out. Immediately they began to create the theory and built nuclear power plants. This proved to be so useful that much money began to be allocated for further development of the theory. Then it gradually overtook experiments and even began to predict what a person is difficult to verify. All is good, but when the theory loses its connection with the experiment, it loses its footing and becomes interesting to very few people only. Therefore, today is the turn of experiment.

The theory has risen too high above experiment

Without experiments, there is visible only haze, where everything can be.


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