What is the role of quantum field theory in physical cosmology?

On the continuous movement of elementary particle fields in the universe

When the quantum theory of the electromagnetic field has been extended to describe the strong and weak interactions, the fields of particles not yet known at that time were introduced in the theory. They have untypical properties and have been found in subsequent experiments. This and other successes of quantum field theory allows it to be used to explain a number of cosmic observations. These include the expansion of space of the universe, the absence of antimatter in the visible part of the universe, the existence of dark energy, as well as the formation and evolution of stars. The model of evolution of the universe, well established in the last decades, also implies the existence of fields of completely unusual particles. Although those particles are not reproducible in experiments, they shed some light on the paradoxical observations and allow the theory of the hot early universe to be formulated.

Hypothetical object -- a ball of condensate of a  quantum  field

Apart from particles, quantum field theory also predicts macro-objects of fields.


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