What is the subject of study of modern elementary particle physics?

About systematic study of the variety of particles, one after another

In the second half of the last century it was created quite harmonious theoretical schemes that described interactions of the known elementary particles and predicted the existence of those not yet discovered at that time. Nowadays, the most important task for the researchers is to test validity of these schemes, which implies experiments carried out to study the properties of the newly discovered particles and finding those predicted by the theory. The ground for its development was the detection of a quantity of new particles in the so-called cosmic rays and at the first accelerators in the middle of the century. By that time, the list of known particles included only those present in substances, plus photon and anti-electron — positron. Many of predictions of the theory have already been confirmed, so now under the study there are the third generation of quarks, Higgs boson properties and search for the lightest of the particles predicted by the theory of supersymmetry.

The point of collision in the detector at the Large Hadron Collider

We can only learn from the experiment information needed for the development of the theory.


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