Is it worth spending time and money on fundamental physics?

Opening new technical opportunities a century after century…

Of course, the understanding of the laws of the universe does not directly lead to significant improvements in people’s live. However, in the development of fundamental science a number of quite revolutionary and essential today technologies have appeared, such as the Internet, tomography, and nuclear power. Although the universe with its laws exists independently of human mind, people are able to use some of these laws. For example, the electricity lay beyond human comprehension two centuries ago, gas dynamics was actively developed in the last century, and nuclear energy is known roughly 50 years. These things have been gradually understood and then have changed the reality — people have learned how to move pretty quickly as well as to relatively cheaply produce and transport energy.

Man develops a science, and it, in turn, brings  new technologies.

Some forget that most of the technological advances originate in fundamental physics.


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