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For four centuries BC, Democritus wrote: The atoms are all kinds of small bodies that do not have quality. Void is a place where all these bodies, rushing up and down, either woven in some way to each other or encounter each other and bounce, diverging or converging with each other throughout eternity… and so they produce all other complex bodies and their states and feel. Then they represent atoms geometrically: cubes of land, twenty-, four- and octagons of water, fire and air respectively. With the onset of AD, science drowned in the darkness of ignorance and its development has been stopped for one and half millennium, but then again people began to appear who were trying to understand the laws of the Universe. Gradually, their work has created a system resting on math knowledge — physics. By the XXI century, its sections covered all manifestations of the fundamental laws of nature, which made it possible to build a detailed picture of the design and evolution of the microcosm and cosmos.

Democritus could guess about the existence of atoms.

Democritus could guess about the existence of atoms.

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