How to understand a foreign speech?

Perception by ear (listening) is easy for someone while for others it is difficult to understand what is said in a foreign language, even though all the words are known to the listener. He/she just does not recognize them. Why? The reason may be that attention lingers on the previous word, so that the next word simply does not have time to be heard. Another reason may be that the sound is highly distorted during playback. To avoid the former, i.e. do not slow down on the previous text, you just need to repeat to yourself word by word, without thinking of its meaning. This is not easy for those who are used to understanding everything at once, but it is easy for others. At the same time, by the way, pronunciation training also takes place. As for the second reason, only high-quality sound will help here. Otherwise, for example the word ‘thunder’ can be heard as ‘funder’. And you may hear the word ‘Monday’ if in the song the drum beats in sync with the word ‘money’. All jokes, but this year on the exam, poor sound quality prevented many from getting a high score.

A good audio recording of a foreign speech makes translation easier

Live speech in a foreign language is easier to understand than audio recording.


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