How to recognize a demagogue in a researcher?

On peculiarities of discussion

Despite the fact that the fundamental physics is an exact science, under the guise of scientists a kind of demagogues can be found there. All that they are interested in science, it’s a personal benefit. In pursuit of their goals, they can easily resort to cheating colleagues and the more so opponents. They intentionally confuse debate, replacing the search for truth by the standard arsenal of verbal tricks and hoping that an opponent does not have the time, doesn’t wish or just is unable to catch them in demagoguery. In situation when the debate is getting disadvantageous to a demagogue, he/she starts to focus the audience on unessential errors done by the opponent in the discussion, in order to reduce the opponent’s prestige in the eyes of audience. Then, counting on the carelessness of audience, the demagogue may try to replace the subject of the dispute, starting to discuss an irrelevant side of the issue yet still profitable to him/her. In addition, with a view to impress the audience, the demagogue may attempt to replace the argumentation by going to the person, start to refer to the authorities or even to obviousness of his/her rightness. If these tricks do not work, demagogues often try to puzzle opponents to pieces with a false dilemma, i.e., offer a choice between such the options resolving the dispute, which in fact are not alternative to each other and there are other options.

The devastating content of demagoguery covered by a refined form

To achieve their goals, demagogues shamelessly violate logic, retaining only visibility of it and hoping that others do not pay attention to logical contradictions.


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