How can you ever look at the monitor and preserve clear vision?

What happens if we do not see each other

Looking at the monitor every day, a person gradually loses visual acuity due to the constant focus of the eyes at close range. In addition, the glow of the screen blinds, light sensitivity of eyes drops and they let down at dusk. Therefore, it is better not to be lazy to adjust the brightness of screen depending on lighting around, to set the maximum in sunshine, and to lower to a minimum in a dark room. If your Operating System allows for a high level of personalizing, then it is better to repaint the background of windows from the white to your favorite color, to repaint documents’ background with another color, and to print letters light on the dark in the console window. With those colors on the screen, there will be less excessive light and more positive emotions. It is especially important to make more use of large displays — its size allows you to move away from it, for a distance more natural for eyes, so that the eye muscles relax.

Monitor puts glasses onto person's eyes

It is not necessary to weaken your own vision.


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