How much can you work?

On one of the options of rest from work

The longer you work, the more results you produce — this is a naive logic that is valid only at intervals of no more than a couple of days. Then the fatigue comes, which slows down your performance drastically and increases the number of mistakes, so some rest is needed . When there is all hand’s job or it is very interesting, we continue to work of course. Yes, but it will not work for a long time to cheat the body, so an even longer stay will be required then. Here everyone has the own happy medium, while one rule is common: do not try to argue with an inner voice when it proposes to change the occupation. Now it depends on the new activity, how long it takes to rest. Surfing the net restores longer, whereas hangout, shopping and sex — faster, but the fastest cure is sport, preferably tougher, although football also helps.

It will not work to cheat your  own body

The best result comes from periodic switching between mental and physical activity.


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