How to choose a laptop for work?

In anticipation of purchase of a modern powerful laptop

What is more important: the number of CPU cores or their operating frequency — that is a great dilemma in choosing a new laptop. If you think fast and expect the same from your everyday tools, the dual-core processor with a high frequency and with Hyper Trading will please you more than quad with a frequency of one quarter less. After all, a quad-core processor with a high frequency is substantially more expensive and generates more heat, but removal of the heat is limited by the laptop design. In addition, everyday applications have almost nothing to instruct to the third and fourth cores, so those are idle most of the time. Not to mention the programs for reconstruction or simulation of a large number of physical events, such as the Geant4. For the majority of your practical tasks, such applications will only use one of CPU cores, but for a long time, so that its high frequency helps to reduce intervals of waiting.

The high operating frequency of CPU is more useful than the number of cores

The machine must not lag behind the flight of human thought.


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