What is that search engines do not show?

A probable reaction to a link that stands first in search engine results

It happens that the first ten links that a search engine finds to our request form our idea of ​​what information does exist on this subject and what doesn’t. Yet, our goals do not exactly coincide with the actual objectives of the search engines. Their work algorithm is designed so that more relevant information is squeezed out of the top ten by links to sites larger and to those for which the highest position in the list of links is a top priority. For this purpose, the sites are being optimized — there is added a large number of words that are essential for the search engine rather than for the person, so the actual content of the site takes a back seat. In addition, search engines highly appreciate the number of external links to your site and its traffic. Therefore, social networks, periodical online resources and sites about sites is far preferable to highly specialized information sources.

She uses irrelevant information

It turns out that search engines are looking for with one hand, and obscure picture with the other.


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