Who can say his/her scientific adviser is cool?

Emotions of senior physicist, which are caused by his incompetence in software

Modern physics, theoretical and experimental, increasingly relies on modeling and data processing using powerful computer systems. If your research supervisor does not understand things of this kind, it’s perfect for you. In such a case you have got him twisted around your little finger, because he can do nothing without your help and, therefore, will be happy to even tiny progress in your work with the software. Moreover, if you are too lazy to work or it just does not work, you can safely tell him tall tales that the code is getting complex and confusing, and generally the computing of your task takes too long, so it is necessary to buy a more powerful computer, or to send it to the Grid and so on. But if your supervisor is a little versed in modern software, then the game is over — he will not allow you fool around but rather will make you to progress rapidly to the result.

Supervisor delves into C ++ code

It appears that knowing physics and understanding software are two different things.


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