Should I read long articles online from the screen?

Warning of a danger of losing mind…

One can briefly state just facts, but not their relationship and relative importance. Therefore, the results of scientific research could not be reduced simply to tables and charts, and are usually expounded in form of a long text. To understand all the details in the text, it is certainly worth printing it. Reading from a computer screen is inefficient for the following two reasons. Firstly, to look at a laptop screen, the more so at a monitor on your table, you need to slightly move your head back, which generally inhibits your perception. In addition, such a position of your head eventually leads to the hair loss! With a tablet in hands, the situation becomes way easier. Secondly, unlike paper, screens shine and blink, and this additional burden to your eyes eats a sea of ​​energy. Your brain subconsciously tries to get rid of this, which makes it difficult to concentrate to understand and remember the true meaning of what is written.

Reading from a screen is not effective

Physiology suggests reading from paper.


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