What is the main challenge of the new generation of physicists?

About love to the computer

The personal computer has imposed a strong imprint on the views of young people on the physics and on methods of their work in science. Most of them do not remember themselves without a laptop. A huge amount of information that a scientist perceives and analyzes has migrated from paper to monitors. However, it is much more tiring to continuously watch the monitor. Therefore, only scraps of information are being deposited in the head sometimes, which are not typically developing in the coherent picture, while such a picture is the ultimate goal of the scientists’ work. On the other hand, with an increase of machine power, the role of software has qualitatively changed — it has become paramount. Treating it masterly turns to be a necessity and consumes the lion’s share of the time, just the one that the older generation could spend on the creation of experimental setups and analysis of results.

The charm of a powerful computer in physics

There is a tendency to turn the computer from the instrument to the end in itself.


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