How to remember for a long time?

About disorderly changing information in the memory

It is known that man has short-term and long-term memories, just like there are RAM memory and the ‘disk’ installed in your machine. In the long-term memory, recollections can be stored for a very long time. However, they get there only if the person is trying to remember, i.e. mentally, consciously or not, goes back to these memories, several times a day, and at least a week. During this period, the recollections are stored in the short-term memory, and then dissolve and disappear if they are not settled in the long-term one. From there they are, if necessary, called to the short-term memory, which can be accessed my the brain very quickly, so that sometimes people do not even notice that the brain uses recollections — that’s called intuition.

The request is sent to the long-term memory

Sometimes it is not easy to get recollections out of memory.


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