Why it does not make sense to procrastinate work?

On some steadfastness

If it is necessary to carry out several tasks, it is possible to make them either in parallel or the first one, then another. The former version is merrier — monotony lulls to sleep. However, the latter may be more rapid since the passages from one task to another require to remember what was the matter and at what we stopped. To do this, it is necessary to evoke relevant recollections out of the permanent memory into the short-term one, which sometimes could not be done quickly. Moreover, if we recall not all, the appearance of errors becomes more possible. Therefore, it is more effective to bring the work to the result while all that is needed is still alive in the short-term memory, and while that work did not bore. Then, after the accomplishment of the current task, you can go back to the previous one for verification.

It is better to concentrate on one task

It may be advantageous to solve your problems in a compact time.


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