How to deal with errors in physics?

Experiences at fault

All make mistakes sometimes, but actually nobody is bold enough to admit his fault even to himself. Fundamental physics, like any other science, is in the essence the road of trials and errors. There is often necessary to change your position under the pressure of fresh experimental results or new theoretical calculations. Therefore, the stubborn defense of a mistaken but still your position can be useful much where but only not in physics. Those who insist on an erroneous solution of a problem, incorrect results of analysis or on a poor choice of the research direction will never come close to the truth and spend both human resources and money for nothing. It is especially hard when necessary for women to admit her mistakes because a real woman, as psychologists have found, very rarely does that out loud.

The terrible consequences of errors in physics

Errors in physics are a common thing, but these should be quickly recognized to move on.


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