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The very existence of energy, information and most of the things around us is directly or indirectly obliged to fundamental physics. I hope that these pages will help you to get an idea of ​​the present state and prospects jf the science. Over the centuries, this area of ​​knowledge has become a separate science and went far ahead in terms of mathematical base and mighty experiments. Gradually, it was subdivided into several areas which, although intertwined closely, use very different methods of calculation and experiments. Because of the complexity and specialization of these areas on the one hand, and the rapid development of IT technology on the other hand, it becomes more and more difficult for young people to navigate through the achievements, unsolved problems and challenges of fundamental physics.

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So dear friends, I am going to help you to understand the maze of concepts, facts and conclusions that constitute one of the most ancient and complex areas of knowledge — fundamental physics. Please do not hesitate to send your questions, those spinning for a long time in your mind as well as that appeared when reading the responses to questions of others. I will try to answer briefly, without referring to the thick textbooks. All questions are distributed throughout several categories each of which is provided with a historical sketch. For an explanation of some lines, the response can contain a link to another question on a particular topic. Once the response is ready, I put it into one of the categories, immediately inform you about it and am ready for new questions.

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Physics emerged in the ancient world and has grown into a formidable mathematized system

Physics emerged in the ancient world and has grown into a formidable mathematized system.