How easy was the quantum mechanics caught?

About elusive location of elementary particles

After creating the Schrodinger formalism of wave mechanics, there were a problem of the physical interpretation of the theory, then the belief has been gradually formed that formalism gives just probability of finding a particle at a given point. Schrödinger himself was not able to accept this interpretation and defended up to the end of his life the need to visualize the mechanics. In 1927, Einstein strongly opposed this interpretation and said that its supporters are doing a virtue from a need, and the probabilistic nature only shows that our knowledge of the physical nature of microscopic processes is incomplete. He believed that the laws of nature do objectively exist and they are understandable for the reason that they form a world harmony reasonable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Probabilistic interpretation, in his opinion, has contributed to the picture of the world an irrational element, chaotic disharmony, and he admitted it only as a temporary, unfinished version that, with the progress of physics, must be replaced by a complete theory of the micro-world.

Quantum mechanics has brought probability instead of the certainty

Einstein is credited with the words ‘God does not play dice with the world’.


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