What is unusual about the space of the universe?

Trying to cross the vast expanses of the universe

According to opinion of some scientists, distortions of space-time can arise in the universe, which have a sense of space-time tunnels — shortcuts for long-distance spatial travels. Moving by a different way is too slow as transportation to planets of even the nearest star systems would have taken more time than the duration of a human life. On this basis, there are attempt to investigate the possibility even to realize the dream of time travels. However, moving in time seems to be prohibited by causal links between the past and the future, while moving this way in the space looks possible, although under certain stringent conditions. Distortions of space-time are predicted theoretically, and even got a special name — “wormholes”, but the reasons and conditions of their creation, as well as their stability and possible time of existence remain undecided so far.

A hypothetical space-time tunnel --  a wormhole

So imagination draws the vicinity of a distortion in space.


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