How much bad luck can be in the fate of a scientist?

Einstein noted the unthinkable tenacity with which Kepler sought harmony in the motion of planets, while around Kepler, on Earth, there was not even a suggestion of harmony. To begin with, he was born prematurely, then contracted smallpox yet he recovered. When he successfully married a wealthy widow, two of their five children did not survive infancy. Back then he earned by drawing up horoscopes and astrological calendars. In his first book, Kepler supplemented Copernicus’s heliocentric system, and of course he had to reconcile it with the Bible. For refusing to convert from a Protestant to a Catholic, Kepler and his family were expelled from the city in which he worked as a school teacher for six years. Then he received the post of court mathematician of the emperor, who, however, did not pay salary on time, and later abdicated the throne. So the last Kepler’s book — astronomical tables started by order of the emperor — was printed at Kepler’s own expense. Of course his wife was dissatisfied with the lack of money in the family. She fell ill soon and passed away. The disease also took away the youngest of their children. Later Kepler married again, this time happily. Meanwhile, the scientist’s mother was imprisoned on charges of witchcraft. He managed to get her out of there only after an year and a half. Now Kepler had to become an adviser to the general — the Thirty Years War began. The family of the scientist had to move again under the pressure of Catholicism. In all this mess, Kepler managed to identify the formula for the motion of planets, which has then become the basis for the law of gravity.

On the attitude of fate 🙂

Circumstances did not prevent Kepler from understanding the motion of the planets

Not all of his contemporaries shared Kepler’s interests.


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