What kind of people work in physics?

Craving for harmony

As elsewhere, there are very different characters. Some get from physics just exercises for their intelligence, which gives them the fullness of life, as sport for a body. They feel like they are involved in the esoteric knowledge of the universe, and a sense of intellectual superiority satisfy their ambition. Others need working in physics only for the money and career. These have come to science due to external circumstances and could just as well be engineers or businessmen. Many of these stuck in particle physics at the beginning of the second half of the last century, in a period of its rapid development. And then there are those who have found in the strict mathematical harmony of physical laws a refuge from everyday dreariness and their own whims. Those are trying to create a simple and clear picture of the world as city dwellers tired of bustle strive to the countryside, searching for peace and confidence. Surprisingly, namely those strange people were expanding the boundaries of knowledge at all times. The reason is that their efforts come from, according to Einstein, no deliberate intentions or program but straight from the heart.

Different motivation for working in fundamental physics

Some come to the physics of his heart, the other — for the gifts.


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