How is the fundamental physics moving forward?

How the physical experiment and theory are pushing each other

Since ancient times, science has developed alternating experimental and theoretical studies. Based on the experiment, the scientists constructed a theory, and if its predictions coincide with the results of other experiments, they accepted such a theory and adhered to it. For instance, three centuries ago, based on the study of falling objects, Isaac Newton knew how to calculate the trajectory of the body in the gravitational field of the Earth. About a hundred years ago, after experiments on the study of light propagation, Albert Einstein came to the conclusion that the time passes more slowly if we move very quickly. And nowadays accelerator experiments allow to calculate the speed and direction of transformation of one kind of particle to particles of another sort. The theory, in turn, initiates new experiments.

The simplest experiment to theory of gravitation

After all, once upon a time they could not accurately calculate where the thrown object falls.


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