Can we say there is nothing but the well-known today in the universe?

On the formation of particles from the quantum field condensate

Space observations of recent decades led scientists to the conclusion about the existence of dark matter and dark energy, the nature of which is not clear. Theoretical physics gives an amazing variety of explanations of that phenomena. For example, it can be expected that in space there are not only objects consisting of elementary particles, but also continuous primordial substance called the field condensate. According to quantum field theory, particles represent just perturbatons on that field condensate, like steam above the water surface. The size of the regions or objects of that continuous substance can be very small as well as astronomically large. A wide class of such objects known as non-topological solitons is already described in detail in theory, but not yet detected experimentally.

The surface of a hypothetical cosmic non-topological soliton of the quantum field condensate

If there are perturbations of the field condensate, somewhere we may find the condensate itself.


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