Why are physicists so passionate about their work?

Not noticing anything around except a physical problem

Contacts with the harmony of the universe make physical studies fascinating. Very often a physicist realizes the unique ability to look beyond the border of known quantity, and this makes him/her to work not paying attention to the surrounding situation. For example, being at the front of the First World War, the German physicist and astronomer Karl Schwarzschild has got acquainted with the theory of gravity proposed by Einstein. The atmosphere of war has not prevented him from immediately taking up a study of equations of the theory and becoming the first who has got the exact solution of the equations which describes a centrally symmetric gravitational field produced by a point mass. This solution actually predicts the existence of black holes and has gown down to history under the name of the physicist.

Schvartsschild solves the equation for the gravity of a black hole

Not everyone gets an opportunity to open another secret of the universe.


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