What have scientists already found in space?

Here and there the matter is present in the surrounding emptiness…

In space, there are observed free elementary particles, clouds of strongly ionized hydrogen in the intergalactic space, and stars in galaxies and clusters of galaxies. There ale also unusual objects called quasars, which are relatively compact, but too bright to be stars. It is believed that these are the glowing vicinity of massive black holes. In addition, dark matter and so-called dark energy are discovered in the universe. Dark matter is called so because it does not emit light and only reveals itself by gravitational effects. It is not found out yet what it consists of, so it is possible this is new state of matter. Dark energy is known due to its influence on the expansion of the universe, this has properties atypical for ordinary matter.

Quasars are much brighter than stars

Meanwhile, quasars may appear to be huge bubbles of an unusual vacuum.


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