How to register particles of dark matter?

Passage of dark matter particles through substances without interacting…

The dark matter makes up more than 80% of the matter of the universe. This does not almost radiate electromagnetic waves and manifests itself basically by its gravitational interaction. It may consist of yet unknown weakly interacting particles — so called WIMPs — with a mass value greater than or about that of a proton, and with no electric charge. Such particles could be only registered by looking for the recoil nuclei that are knocked out from the atoms of detector materials as a result of interaction with a WIMP. As such events could only occur extremely rarely, the corresponding experimental installations require careful protection against the background caused by ordinary cosmic particles and the radioactive radiation, i.e., require shielding and location deep underground.

A dark matter detector is protected from the cosmic background

Only the dark matter particles that are capable of reaching this detector.


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