Which nuclei are primordial?

Big Bang Nuсleothynsesis bounds on the number of neutrino species

  Prior the recombination into atoms, the now visible matter of the universe consisted of electron-nucleus plasma. The nuclei in there were basically hydrogen (three fourth) and helium (one fourth). Their abundances were defined by the available number of protons … Continue reading

Why the Schrodinger equation?

Quantum oscillator energy levels

The first thing which the Newton second law failed to foretell were distances between electron possible orbitals in an atom. The electron’s energy spectrum appeared to be discontinuous so a novel equation had to give a set of discrete solutions. … Continue reading

How come the cosmic dust?

Formation of a star dust particle

  First of all, it was recently discovered that despite the temperature and matter density being cosmically low, chemical reactions at the surface of a dust particle can create organics that could be a cradle of life. Being glued up … Continue reading

Is an electron a wave?

Interference picture of single electrons

  Indeed, electrons undergo diffraction at a crystalline target. Therefore an electron beam hits a suitable crystal lattice, one can see on a screen an interference pattern typical for waves. The beam here is comprised of a lot of electrons … Continue reading

Who needs a video card?

The sky village of the Heaven video benchmark

About the aggressiveness of video Video games clearly show the current level of computer technology — their software is able to eat the most modern video hardware. Therefore, those who find pleasure in the illusory world of computer games need … Continue reading