Which nuclei are primordial?

Big Bang Nuсleothynsesis bounds on the number of neutrino species

  Prior the recombination into atoms, the now visible matter of the universe consisted of electron-nucleus plasma. The nuclei in there were basically hydrogen (three fourth) and helium (one fourth). Their abundances were defined by the available number of protons … Continue reading

How come the cosmic dust?

Formation of a star dust particle

  First of all, it was recently discovered that despite the temperature and matter density being cosmically low, chemical reactions at the surface of a dust particle can create organics that could be a cradle of life. Being glued up … Continue reading

Is an electron a wave?

Interference picture of single electrons

  Indeed, electrons undergo diffraction at a crystalline target. Therefore an electron beam hits a suitable crystal lattice, one can see on a screen an interference pattern typical for waves. The beam here is comprised of a lot of electrons … Continue reading